The Authorized Protected Unit of Association Derzelas intended to provide a wide range of products and services, willing to be as profitable as possible for the companies having more than 50 employees and no person with disabilities hired. These companies have to pay to the state budget, according with Law no. 448/2006, article 78, paragraph 3, letter a) and b), each month an amount equal with 50% from the minimum gross salary multiplied by the number of how many persons with disabilities were not hired, or to purchase products or services from authorised protected units in an equivalent amount to the amount due to the state budget, as it is stipulated in the previous paragraph.

Like this, by purchasing the ornamental objects presented in here-by association’s catalog you will offer to these persons with disabilities the opportunity the be noticed in the public sector and among the community.

The partnerships between the association and the companies are the tools which make possible the purchase all these type of products, brokerage and leasing services which are available for the natural and physical persons. All the financial income which results from these type of activities will be used exclusively in the benefit and for fully support of the persons with disabilities by the means of our future aid programs.