Dance therapy

The dance is considered a form of art, an unique activity that connects us with the musical rhythms and involves self-direct expression by using own body. It is a basic form of an authentic communication considering that the dance involves an inter-connection between body, mind and spirit.
The dance gives a number of physical benefits for those who practice it, increasing the endorphins in the brain and thereby conducting to a well-being condition. Also, through the overall movement of the body, dancing has several benefits on the circulatory system, respiratory system, skeletal system and muscular system. Being an activity which implies also the musical rhythms, dancing facilitates balance exercises and develops both motor and sensory skills of the individual who practices it.
The movements performed through a dance often express feelings and moods, dancing being considered a form by which the individual unleashes and communicate. Dancing gives a sense of freedom in which the mind, the body, the emotions and the soul work together and become a whole – become unitary, we identify ourselves often with our peers.
Besides all these physical, mental and spiritual benefits, dance provides a range of social benefits, involving more people in a group activity in which the human relationships are often sincere and strong.
Dance therapy is considerred an extremely beneficial activity for people with disabilities, which encourages free expression and authenticity of each individual participant in the workshops organized by Derzelas Association.

Colorful children smiles during the dance therapy workshop organized by Derzelas Association for young disabled persons!