The persons with disabilities

The persons with disabilities represent the core of our authorized protected unit which through its products, services and activities helps them to improve and to enrich their life experience. The desire to learn about their life stories, to share and to empathize, supporting them through our activities are the association’s main goals. Our concern dedication toward the needs of this persons with disabilities will increase their trust and motivation in being in a continuous process of learning and evolution.

Regarding disability, this involves two perspectives: a social and a medical one. The social pattern is the result of society`s reaction to the special needs which the person with disabilities try to deal with, limited choices and an inhibited self-determination, all these issues becoming the cause of an unequal relation, in which those person are often exposed to a  lack of attention. Concerning medical pattern, the disability to see, to walk or to hear is considered a personal one and is necessary the development of certain activities which could improve their mental and physical condition.

In this respect, through collaboration with different partners, Derzelas Association aims  to develop dedicated programs of  social and professional inclusion for those in need. Also we rely on art therapy (painting workshop, sculpture, ceramics, hand-made workshop)  and on educational therapy (skills development for master the foreign languages), medical and recovery gymnastics, recreation and relaxing camps for development and their inclusion as individuals in the society.