According to Law no 448 / 2006 republished, art.78, paragraph (2) authorities, public institutions, juridical, public or natural persons, possessing more than 50 employers, are required to engage disabled persons corresponding to 4% from the total number of employees. According to art. 78, paragraph (3) the authorities, the public institutions, the juridical, public or natural persons which do not engage disabled persons as presented in paragraph (2), are allowed to choose one of the following options:

a) to pay monthly to the fiscal budget an amount of 50% of the minimum basic pay gross salary multiplied with the number of job places where no disabled person had been engaged;

b) to buy products or services from authorized protected unit, in the terms of a partnership, for the same amount  which was stipulated to be paid to the budget in the above conditions shown at lit. a)

The partnerships concluded with different companies offer to our collaborators the alternative to purchase a large variety of stationary products, electronics, household appliances, office furniture, construction materials, equipment for medical use and many others. In addition Derzelas Association offers a wide variety of services, like archiving and bindery services, cleaning and IT services. All the financial resources obtained by selling the products or services provision shall be entirely consumed in supporting the disabled persons.

Be one of us in supporting the disabled persons by purchasing the products and the services offered by our association through its protected unit or be one of the volunteers, the members sympathizer of its, by sharing advices and suggestions useful for achieving our goals.