Mission, vision, goals

Association Derzelas aims to develop a series of activities and programs dedicated to people with disabilities desiring through these to offer support and care.

Derzelas organizes art therapy workshops, educational workshops, specific recovery programs and medical gymnastics, socio-professional inclusion for persons with disabilities. The activities undertaken will enhance confidence and motivation of persons with disabilities to be in continuous learning and evolution, thus managing to form a harmonious, both at the individual level as well as at the social level.


Derzelas Association strives to provide a reliable life for persons with disabilities, clear of social and professional disparities.


Derzelas Association aims to enhance the community’s awareness towards the problems faced by persons with disabilities and to develop specific social and professional inclusion programs conducted by specialized personnel.


The main goals of Association Derzelas are the following:

-to identify and to guide young people with disabilities to apply for social and professional inclusion programs.
-to develop projects to increase community awareness on the issues faced by persons with disabilities.
-to participate in the different events for the development and support for people with disabilities.
-to promote our cause to increase awareness and support for people with disabilities.
-to organize workshops with the aim of socio-professional inclusion of people with disabilities. -to develop a network of volunteers and sponsors for future complex activities.
-to intermediate experience exchange between persons with disabilities belonging to foreign communities and the Romanian one.
-to raise awareness among the foreign community with respect to the resources and the means available for the support of people with disabilities.

Managing to implement a part or even all of the proposed goals, we can facilitate access to the labor market for people with disabilities, giving them the opportunity to integrate harmoniously in the social and professional environment.