About us

Derzelas association acts as a legal entity with private law and Romanian nationality, without patrimonial purpose set up through civil law no. 7268/ CC/ 21.09.2012 pronounced by Cluj-Napoca Court in file no. 20548/211/2012. Derzelas Association is a non-guvernamental, non-profit and non-political association, for the public benefit which functions according with the law 448/2006 republished.

The person with disabilities represent the core of our authorised protected unit which through its products, services and activities helps them to improve and to enrich their life experience. The desire to learn about their life stories, to share and to empathize, supporting them through our activities are the association’s main goals.

The programs developed by Derzelas Association for young persons with disabilities are relied on: art therapy workshops (painting workshops – glass painting, wood painting; sculpture, ceramics, hand-made objects workshop), educational therapy (skills development for master the foreign languages, for example), medical and recovery gymnastics, recreation and relaxation camps. Through these programs, association primarily aims to reveal some of the skills and passions owned by the persons with disabilities. These programs are only a preliminary phase for social and professional inclusion programs. Derzelas Association members lead these persons in choosing an appropriate professional environment, intermediating partnerships between companies and special schools for persons with disabilities. Identifing viable partners from private sector, which are able to offer for young persons with disabilities professional training in order to access a job, is our final purpose. Our concern dedication toward the needs of this persons with disabilities will increase their trust and motivation in being in a continuous process of learning and evolution.