Redirecting 20% of the corporate income tax to Derzelas Association

Derzelas Association is a non-profit legal entity founded in 2012 engaged in offering support to people with disabilities by deepening and enhancing their life experience. The attention and care we give these people increases their confidence and motivation to undergo a continuous process of learning and evolution and helps them develop both individually and collectively. Derzelas Association strives to raise community awareness about the issues that people with disabilities are facing as well as to promote their talents and creativity. Our personnel and dedicated volunteers work closely to mobilize new forces to join in supporting the social and professional inclusion of these individuals.

Until August 2017 Derzelas Association generated its own financial resources needed to carry out special programs for its beneficiaries based on the economic activities the authorized protected unit undertook within the Association. However, following the amendment of law no. 448/2006 by OUG 60 of August 7th, 2017, the protected units had to cease their activity on September 1th, 2017. The majority of the people with disabilities employed within our protected unit were consequently left without job or had a substantially reduced working schedule. The impact was primarily seen at the financial level as the resources meant to support the activities within the protected unit became insufficient or lacked completely.

In order to support the community of beneficiaries that created over 5 years of activity, Derzeals Association is willing to continue the programs designed for persons with disabilities. At present, Derzelas Association has partnerships with the Special Technological High School for Hearing Impaired, the Special High School for Visual Impaired, the Association for Solidarity and Empathy ”Claudia Safta” (whose activities targets children and young people suffering from chronic renal failure treated by hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis and kidney transplantation), the Recovery Center within the General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection from Cluj-Napoca, Aga-Down Association from Cluj-Napoca (who supports children with Down syndrome and their families), Caritas Cluj Association, PASS Association (supports adults with Down syndrome and their families) and the General Directorate for Social Assistance and Child Protection based in Câțcău. During 2016, approximately 200 young people and adults with disabilities benefited from the support provided by our association through donations, sponsorships and programs.

In 2016, Derzelas Association directed a total amount of 33,585 lei in terms of sponsorships to the following beneficiaries: “Delia Grădinaru” Association – renal transplantation (6,000 lei), Anastasiu Denisa – the Special High School for Visual Impaired – crystalline transplant (5,130 lei), Rosu Silviu – medical investigations at a specialized clinic in Italy (5,076 lei), Clujul Pedalează – for the special awards (1,000 lei). In 2016, donations amounting to 4,500 lei were directed towards the Special High School for Visually Impaired, the Special Technological High School for Hearing Impaired and other entities.
In 2017, Derzelas Association allocated 45,000 lei as sponsorship towards: buying batteries for hearing aid (3,227 lei) for the students at the Special Technological High School for Hearing Impaired, acquiring a wheelchair (1,500 lei), carrying out medical investigations for Silviu Rosu (1,600 lei), helping cover the costs for Denisa Anastasiu’s intervention on the right eye (3,435 lei), a renal transplantation (6,000 lei) for a beneficiary at the Delia Grădinaru Association, acquisition of an electric tricycle (2,000 lei). The donations that were made in 2017, up to now, amount to 12,000 lei.

Besides, Derzelas Association organizes art therapy workshops, English learning therapy workshops, dance therapy workshops, specific recovery programs and medical gymnastics, all of which are being meant to facilitate the social and professional inclusion of people with disabilities. In 2016, a significant number of such workshops were carried out (127 art therapy workshops, 50 dance therapy workshops and 37 medical gymnastic sessions, 16 English learning therapy workshops). In addition, many collaborations with valuable and trustworthy partners such as the Romanian Handball Federation, Clujul Pedaleaza, the National Theater from Cluj-Napoca, the French Institute and other important entities in the area of Cluj-Napoca facilitated the participation of the beneficiaries – persons with disabilities- in different interactive activities with a positive impact on the participants. Furthermore, the activities specially designated and developed reflect those areas of activity which essentially appeal to persons with disabilities and which would ensure their professional inclusion.
In the hope that we have succeeded to inspire and to bring to your attention our cause, we invite your company to redirect the 20% of the corporate income tax towards Derzelas Association.

How can companies redirect 20% of the income tax towards a legal non-profit organization?
Under Law No. 32/1994 as amended and complemented by the Government Ordinance No. 36 of January 30, 1998, a legal entity owing a tax to the Romanian state for a revenue made in Romania can redirect, based on a sponsorship contract, up to 20% of the corporate income tax to a non-lucrative entity.

Why to redirect 20% of the income Tax to a NGO?
By redirecting 20% of corporate income tax to NGOs, companies take on social responsibility and support a noble cause by engaging in preventing, raising awareness or even solving social and professional problems faced by the people with disabilities.

For more details about redirecting 20% ​​of profit tax, please visit the following link.

If you share our values ​ and you are willing to support our cause, we are glad to promote your company on our website, which we warmly invite you to visit. We offer our sponsors and donors special products made during our art therapy workshops, which will be displayed at various fairs or expositions that you might organize for your employees on various occasions (Christmas, Easter).

Dare To Care : Redirect the 20% corporate income tax to Derzelas Association! (link to the sponsorship contract with Derzelas Association).