By concluded partnerships between association and others companies we offer to our collaborators the possibility to purchase miscellaneous products and services according with the Law no. 207/2009. All process is confer transparency between customers, suppliers and our Association. Concerning the supply of documents archiving services (processing, electronic archiving, storage, post-storage, archive management), Derzelas Association collaborates with Ribeit company and for IT services supply it collaborates with SC GATE BUSINESS CONSULTING SRL.

SERVICES offered to individuals and legal entities:

Cleaning services :
•  vacuuming of the entire tile surface, hardwood, parquet, carpet and linoleum;•  washing with the mop of the hard floors;
•  cleaning using special products of the aluminium, stainless steel or chrome items
•  emptying and cleaning the trash cans, baskets of paper and other similar objects;
•  emptying and cleaning of the ashtrays
•  cleaning dustless or any other kind of traces the uncovered surfaces of furniture;
•  removing spider webs
•  cleaning traces on the doors, including the area around the handles;
•  odorizing and airing the spaces
•  cleaning of luminaires
•  cleaning of the computers’ display surfaces and other electronic devices (eg printer, scanner, fax);
•  desinfecting of telephone devices
•  cleaning of switches, thermostats;
•  cleaning and disinfecting of kitchen and toilets;
•  dishwashing;
•  supplying with liquid soap and toilet paper of the dispensers;
•  cleaning of terraces;
•  ridding of yard waste;

IT services :
•  web services
•  CRM software
•  IT consulting and services

Archiving services provided by Ribeit
• physical archiving
• electronic archiving
• shredding of documents
• storage and archive management

Archiving services provided by Ribeit

Tailoring : a wide variety of articles for hotels, restaurants, hospitals or other protection products and work overalls.

Decorating of events : decorating of corporate events, depending on the specific, offering of transportation services, location leasing, accommodation, audio-video facilities and services, catering, simultaneous interpreting, assistance, optional programs.

Medical and recovery gymnastics : medical gymnastics sessions under the guidance and survey of a specialized trainer in a suitable location having medical equipment and devices for developing supervised activities according with a default protocol. There are included also recovery massages.

Bookbindery : includes books binding and other types of binding and customizing different articles through our own activities or partnerships.