By concluded partnerships between association and others companies we offer to our collaborators the possibility to purchase miscellaneous products and services according with the Law no. 207/2009. All process is confer transparency between customers, suppliers and our Association. In this respect, for the activity of distribution office supplies, stationery and office equipment, the association has the sole partner company Austral. For more details on the product catalog  click here. Concerning the provision of other products, Derzelas Association collaborates with SC VALERIANA PRODCOM SRL for protective equipment provision and with SC AMBIS PROD SRL for corrugated cardboard packaging. For IT products provision, Derzelas Association collaborates with SC GATE BUSINESS CONSULTING SRL.

The product range in order to fulfill the needs of interested physical person or interested legal person is the following:

- Design and handicrafts : articles made or painted in an appropriate location belonging to the Authorized Protected Unit for Disabled Persons during the week or in special workshop camps organized by the Association in various mountains locations or or other leisure and recreation areas.
- Miscellaneous promotional articles, customized or not  
-  Sanitary products 
-  Electrical equipment, home appliances and electronics 
-  Office furniture, office equipment 
-  Building material 
-  Devices and medical equipment, including helping equipment, recovery or accessibility of the physical environment for disabled persons 
-  Consumable materials: medical, hygiene and cleaning products 
-  Mineral water, juices and soft drinks 
- Miscellaneous work equipment and equipment of labor protection