The story goes on!

Silviu Roșu, the visually impaired teenager supported by Derzelas Association has had yet another chance to attend one of the matches of the Romanian Women’s Handball team. Playing in the qualifiers for EURO 2018, Romania joined Russia in Cluj-Napoca on March 25. Along with other supporters and the persons with disabilities-beneficiaries of Derzelas Association, Silviu cheered the Romanian team from the first row of the gallery.

Silviu is not just ‘another handball lover’. Although he has never actually seen a handball game, Silviu continues to come to the national team’s game that are always quite an experience for him. The young man became, therefore, crazy about the Romanian Women’s Handball team and attends their games despite its deficiency.At the end of this particular game, Silviu got to meet his favorite player, Cristina Neagu, a “true lady” on the field and expressed his excitement and happiness at the victory of the team.


We take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Angela Ciuciulin Pop who’s such a wonderful person, as well as the Romanian Handball Federation for facilitating access to the match for the beneficiaries of Derzelas Association. The event hosted over 40 people with disabilities, loyal fans of this sport, helping them overcome the challenges they are facing on the difficult path to social inclusion. By giving these disabled persons a chance to participate in such events as well as by giving them our full attention, we manage to make them happy and bring smiles on their faces.