As sponsor

According with the Law no. 32/1994 concerning  sponsorship, with subsequent amendments, in conjunction with ‘Title II – the profit  tax’ of Law. 571/2003 regarding the Fiscal Code, businessmen / companies have the option to redirect 20% and 3 per thousand of profit  tax owed ​​to the state, towards an association, in this case Derzelas Association. It is compulsory that the  legal person to have profit, not exceeding the sponsorship value of 3 per thousand of the turnover rate and 20% of the profit tax. In the accounting files this shall be operated in Profit Tax Statement.

The legal procedure for companies concerning the 20% redirection of profit tax for Derzelas Association involves  a  sponsorship agreement, filled up and signed by the sponsor. In this respect, the sponsor supports and sustain the association`s activities and its main goals. If such sponsorship agreement is not concluded with any association, until December 31, your profit tax rate will be transferred to the  State Budget.

The sponsorship agreement is available  in .pdf format  here.

Dare to redirect 20% of profit tax for Derzelas Association and help us to fulfill the people with disabilities expectations!