Educational therapy

Educational therapy helps individuals having  slow learning abilities or possessing certain disabilities to perform. The here-by therapy has a large variety of methods to remedy the learning problems. These methods are individualized and aim at each single person.

This therapy consolidates the disabled person’s capacity to learn by involving them in activities in which the skills of memorizing, processing and concentrating are improved. By using a large variety of methods and learning tools, this therapy allows to the members to acquire specific competences.

Each person has a unique manner to learn and process the information according with the five senses. On one hand there are persons which accomplish better results through visual learning and on the other hand there are persons which possess hearing learning performances. Another practical solution, very effective in some situation, seems to be the tactile learning, in other words, the individual assimilates knowledge through physical activities better than when he is listening or visualizing a demonstration.

By using these learning methods our authorized protected unit for the professional insertion of the disabled persons possesses a portfolio which contains foreign languages courses and different kinds of workshops.