Art therapy

We strongly believe that art could be a way to reach to anyone heart in our attempt to change the personal and social conditions. Its already proved that art improves the heath and it motivates the individual to think, and even more, to feel the everyday joy and to live it. The art makes the soul smile, and all the interior feelings become more real, more beautiful and truly appreciated. That’s why we choose the art as being the method of expressing and materialised the ideas, the thoughts and emotions of the disabled persons.

As a recognition of the value and the talent as human beings and also as professionals, we appreciate their support in helping us to accomplish our activities. We are thinking to the developing tools which a disabled person can deal with in an appropriate environment, being carefully advised  and guided. We are strongly convinced that the artists are the most suitable mentors for our subjects’ problems.

It seems that the key which opens the door of kindness is the art by creating the environment where learning emotionally involved aims to satisfy and to fulfill the persons involved.

The learning – the art could be the way in which people are learning new thinks about others and about the world, generally speaking.

The emotions – through art involve directly and powerful the people and in this way the empathy could occur and could have an important role concerning the kindness.

The conexions – art like an experience put the people together by creating strong immediate links among individuals or groups;

The values – many art experiences means a huge exploration of humans’ values, a key-element which establishes how people live together and behave each other.

Combining the practical with the aesthetic side we propose you to take into account our large products  and services supplies made by ourselves or by our guiding artists. The main artistic activities  which characterize these products are the painting on different materials – canvas, glass, ceramics or wood and creating hand-made objects.