The programs developed by Derzelas Association for young persons with disabilities are relied on: art therapy workshops (painting workshops – glass painting, wood painting; sculpture; ceramics; hand-made objects workshop), educational therapy (skills development for master the foreign languages, for example), dance therapy workshops, medical and recovery gymnastics, recreation and relaxation camps. Through these programs, association primarily aims to reveal some of the skills and passions owned by the persons with disabilities. These programs are only a preliminary phase for social and professional inclusion programs. Derzelas Association members lead these persons in choosing an appropriate professional environment, intermediating partnerships between companies and special schools for persons with disabilities. Identifying viable partners from private sector, which are able to offer for young persons with disabilities professional training in order to access a job, is our final purpose,

Specific therapies for young persons with disabilities are an appropriate mean to express themselves and to share their live experiences to others people. Using colors, shapes or sounds the young people with disabilities expresses their feelings and emotions influencing thus new perspectives for others. A new perspective of life, help us to empathize and to imagine others way of living.

Derzelas activities are conducted in partnership with various artists, kineto-therapists, people specialized in medical gymnastics and massage recovery. Through all these activities undertaken young people with disabilities, have the opportunity to materialize their thoughts, to express themselves and to get the appreciation of those around them.