Welcome to Derzelas Association’s Web Page!

Derzelas is a Dacian God which symbolizes the health and the human spiritual vitality, named also the „Big God”. Choosing this symbol in denoting our association we intended to suggest our care towards the human being, around who should take place all the activities of the nowadays society. Being aware about this fact, we focus all our attention and support around these persons who really need our benevolence. “DERZELAS” is an non- governmental, non-profit and non-political association, for the public benefit which functions according with the following laws: 1. The Law no 448 / 2006 republished 2. The Government Decision 268 / 2007 Metodological application rules of the law no. 448 3. The Government Emergency Order 86 / 2008 of modifying the law no.448 4. Disposition no. 590 / 2008 regarding the approval  of the Application Instructions of the art. no. 78 from the law no. 448/2006